Masks are required inside when not seated. Customers must wear masks when entering the building, walking around, using the bathrooms, waiting in line, or playing in the arcade. Masks can be removed when eating, drinking, bowling, or playing outside. Our staff will continue to always wear masks and when you arrive, you will be greeted with a temperature screening and hand sanitizer. Learn more about mask requirements or contact us with questions.



As if you need an excuse to party! Your employees work hard – let them play hard too with a party at Skyline!

From team building to employee appreciation retreats, to outdoor summer picnics, to holiday parties – we host all company parties! To learn more about party options, request more info or call Kimberly at 218-520-0547.

Be the cool company that brings the fun back into corporate events with a variety of games & activities.


Bring employees together with fun entertainment options and multiple private party rooms that are perfect for company games & activities! While planning parties, we pride ourselves in being flexible while customizing your party needs. Our goal is to take the stress out of planning and post-party cleanup!


Traditional Bowling
Traditional 10-pin bowling is also available in our remodeled space. With 22 lanes, 6 lanes are VIP-style with laid-back couches. Each lane can fit up to 8 bowlers, but we recommend 4-5 bowlers per lane to keep games moving. If your company has a lot of employees interested in bowling, we could offer bowling games in shifts and we have a few company bowling packages available with pizzas and some packages also with arcade and virtual reality experiences. Shoe rentals required.
Company bowling packages available for parties!

Duckpin Bowling
Duckpin is a simplified and “mini” variation of bowling. The lanes are shorter, pins are small, the ball fits in the palm of your hands (no finger holes), no bowling shoes required, and you get 3 chances per frame!
$6/game per person (no bowling shoes required). 7 Duckpin lanes are available and we recommend 4-6 bowlers per lane.

Arcade Games
Choose from 40+ NEW interactive arcade games, including skee-ball, Virtual Rabbids, air hockey, and more. Adults are currently outplaying kids on these fun games!
Arcade packages available, 1-hour time play cards with bowling packages, or buy arcade cards in bulk to earn free credits (and then split among multiple cards)

Virtual Reality Experience
Hologate is a virtual reality (VR) experience that is suitable for all ages. The experience is state-of-the-art with technology that makes playing seem realistic! The system currently has 3 games (Zombyte, Groove Guardians, and Cold Clash). Each experience is about 8 minutes and is played with 4 people at once.
Upgrade a bowling or arcade package with a virtual reality experience for only $5/play per person! Valued at $8/play without group pricing.
OR offer the company arcade cards that work for all experiences or the 2 virtual reality games (Hologate & Virtual Rabbids in the arcade).

Patio Games
Included near the Duckpin area, we will have a variety of bar and patio games in the summer, including cribbage, Giant JENGA, bean bags, etc. that are free to use!


Past parties have brought in their own games & activities too! Companies have played minute-to-win-it games, company trivia & jeopardy, or put a twist on traditional bowling with a Poker Bowling game or Bowling Bingo.

These games and activities can be played in one of our private party rooms.


The Lodge – adjacent to the outdoor volleyball, bocce ball, and bean bag courts, one side seats about 60 and about 70 on the other side (about 130 seating inside + plenty of room for standing over 350 seating outside). The outdoor courts and deck include patio deck seating and outdoor firepits surrounded by 9 volleyball courts and 5 bocce ball & bean bag courts.

The conference meeting room – between Duckpin and the Lodge, this room seats approximately 30-40 people and includes 55″ TV screen.

The Duckpin area – it’s not a private room but we are testing out limited table reservations in this new space! Request more info!

The party room – adjacent to the arcade and VIP bowling lanes, this room seats between 15-20 people and includes a 55″ TV screen.

Kids party rooms – behind the arcade, these 2 rooms are decorated to glow and are usually filled with kids’ birthday parties.

To learn more about party options, request more info or call Kimberly at 218-520-0547.



Earn your employees’ love with food & drinks!


NOTE: menus will be upgraded in late fall with more options in the restaurant and for parties. Stay tuned!

Until then, we offer a variety of food options for parties including taco bar, shredded sandwiches, pasta bar, appetizers, pizzas, and we can throw in some salads for the option to eat healthy at a company party!

If you have employees with food allergies or dietary restrictions, let us know and we can find a menu that works for everyone!


While water can keep your employees hydrated, you can step-up your drink game and treat them to pops or other beverages for your party!

If you decide you’d like to provide drinks for guests, we have a variety of options, including providing drink tickets (with or without limitations), providing pitchers of beer, and/or an open bar during social hour or with limitations. That way, guests can drink what they prefer but you can still stick within your budget. To get your party started, request more info or call Kimberly at 218-520-0547.



If there is a party planning committee, we’re the first to volunteer! Let us help you make this a night your employees won’t forget!

Whether you’re a party planner too or this party was put on your plate, we’ll brainstorm what will work best for your company. Don’t worry about staying on track – our planners check-in and outline the next steps to help plan the perfect party.

Schedule a meeting with our party planners, tour the space, and chat through options! Call Kimberly at 218-520-0547 or request more info online!


With 3 different packages for bowling & pizza parties, we have options that will work great for your company. All company packages require a minimum of 12 bowlers. Reserve your party today or call Kimberly at 218-520-0547!


Single-topping pizzas & pop pitchers
1.5 hours bowling and shoes
(~2 games of bowling)

$14.99/person (+tax)
Valued at $18.75/person
(without group pricing)


Specialty pizzas & pop pitchers
Appetizers (wings & meatballs)
2 hours bowling and shoes
(~2-3 games of bowling)
$5 arcade cards per bowler

$21.99/person (+tax)
Valued at $32.30/person
(without group pricing)


Supreme pizzas & pop pitchers
Appetizers (wings & meatballs)
2 hours bowling and shoes
(~2-3 games of bowling)
$5 arcade cards per bowler
Virtual Reality experience per bowler

$26.99/person (+tax)
Valued at $42/person
(without group pricing)